Submission as a way of life

I’m submissive and submission is my way of life. Fetish and BDSM  take me around the UK and to Europe and I always meet some wonderful, interesting, and exciting people.

Photo shoots can be varied, sometimes straightforward, sometimes strenuous, but often invigorating and exciting.

The featured picture is one from a recent photoshoot I did with talented photographer Malimoria featuring a head piece by Bakeneko

This set is due to be published in Féroce Magazine and I’m really looking forward to their selection being published in the public domain very soon.

As well as modelling for fetish and alternative photo shoots I also offer BDSM sessions as a submissive.

It is natural for me to play the submissive role and my demeanour finds me contacted for BDSM sessions throughout Europe and next weekend sees me travel to Hamburg, Germany.

I am one of the few submissives available to book BDSM sessions with in Scotland. These sessions are normally at Maison de Debauch Dungeon in Edinburgh or At Impact Therapies Glasgow Dungeon in central Glasgow.

I have been touring throughout Scotland recently and last week took me to Inverness with Madame Darkness from London with a trip to Aberdeen and a return to Inverness in the pipeline.

Follow me on Twitter @subalexia for my latest agenda, exploits and plans. Maybe I’ll be somewhere near you soon.

Last minute opportunities often arise when gaps appear in my schedule and Twitter is the best place to be kept aware of opportunities.

Tribute for dungeon sessions is £130/hr. My timetable and hectic itinerary seldom allow for last minute bookings so arrangements in advance is always the best policy.

I often tie in my trips away with photoshoots, fetish events, and multiple sessions over a few days in the same area so keep an eye out for a location near you. On that subject I have limited availability during my Hamburg visit next weekend and will be posting available times shortly.

Don’t wait, get in touch now for either modelling or BDSM sessions!

Please pay attention to my Services List and do not ever presume I can be persuaded on anything on my hard limits list. Don’t waste my time, and yours, no means no.

(Occasionally if sessions involve CP or Impact Play then I need to allow a reasonable time for marks etc. to heal prior to another session.)