Pro Submissive Edinburgh, Glasgow, UK

I have worked as a pro submissive for several years in Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as other regions of the UK, Derby, Manchester, London, Gravesend and am experienced in serving the needs of a Master or Mistress.

I have also worked with other pro submissives as well as joining submissive clients for mutual suffering during a booked session with a Domme.



I also travel to Europe for Fetish events and happy to adopt my submissive role in public or feature events. I have worked with Mistresses and Masters in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, France, Spain and Portugal.

Role playing comes naturally to me and I can adopt a demeanour akin to the role my Master/Mistress wishes me to play, naughty schoolgirl, slutty niece in need of correction. I’m particularly fond of medical play including needles, breath play and sounding from a dominant Doctor/Nurse.



I enjoy all the aspects of BDSM, Domme/Sub dynamic and my kink lifestyle. Being dominated, controlled and having an excuse to dress in Latex, Leather, Rubber or perhaps dressed only in my Honey Birdette underwear.



Even though I have a submissive nature I can be bratty, cheeky and provoke necessary discipline to bring me back into line. I can often be found in the company of Mistress Ruby Marks who takes particular interest in encouraging my improvement.

Contact me directly to arrange a submissive Session and be sure to check my Travel Plans for availability in locations other than my Edinburgh/Glasgow home base.